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Nile Fiber Board stands proud in its position as the first manufacturer of MDF boards in Uganda. MDF is a strong, durable and eco-friendly alternative to solid wood that comes in a variety of beautiful wood veneer or coloured lamination, making it ideal for stylish modern furniture. We also produce a wide range of essential wooden boards for the construction industry and all types of carpentry.

Our factory produces high quality Engineered Laminate Flooring in the brand name DecoFloor which is available in different colours and surface smoothness.

NFB’s product range will encourage you to abandon fixed ideas. Please contact our show room on Plot No 142/148, Sixth Street Industrial area, Kampala to discuss your specific applications and requirements.

Medium Density Fibreboards

Nile MDF is the finest of Fibre board with excellent physical and mechanical properties making the panel most suitable for large scale manufacturing of furniture and allied products.
With its homogeneous fine texture, high bonding strength and inherent stability allows precise and easy machining of panel face and edges, creating endless design and finished product opportunities.


Our engineered laminate floor tiles are easy to fit, and simple to maintain with a hardwearing, water resistant and scratch resistant finish. What’s more, they look and feel like real wood, giving any room ambient luxury and style everyone loves, without costing the earth.This is because DecoFloor is made using the latest...

Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated houses also known as manufactured homes are gradually becoming a trend in the Uganda’s construction industry, the new technology is slowly whipping out the conventional construction mainly in the development of residential homes.

Edge Banding Tape

Edge Tape is for covering the edges of plywood and other non-wood edges and surfaces that need to be nicely finished. Common uses are for furniture and cabinetry, but edge tape will adhere to nearly any type of surface. All edge tape has a heat-sensitive glue backing and applies quickly with an iron.

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